Price Road Corridor application for CEC

On June 13, 2017, SRP filed an application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility (CEC) with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) for a new 4.8-mile line from the Knox substation to a new RS-27 substation. All documents filed with the ACC related to the Price Road Corridor Project are available on the ACC eDocket website.

Public hearings

With the filing of the CEC, SRP's public process is complete. The ACC is conducting a public process to address the application. The Arizona Power Plant and Transmission Line Siting Committee held public hearings July 24–25 and recommended approval of the CEC application.

The final decision to confirm the CEC will be decided at an open meeting of the ACC. Agendas are typically posted one week prior to the meeting date at the ACC website.

You can find dates and locations of upcoming hearings on our Next Steps & Schedule page.

How can I submit a comment?

For more information about the CEC process, please visit the ACC website. You can also submit comments directly to the ACC. When submitting comments please refer to Docket number: L-00000B-17-0182-00175.

If you have questions for SRP, please use our online comment form or call the toll-free line at (855) 584-1484.

Download the CEC

  1. Cover Document is a PDF
  2. Table of Contents Document is a PDF
  3. Acronyms Document is a PDF
  4. Introduction Document is a PDF
  5. CEC application Document is a PDF
  6. Exhibit A: Project Location and Land Use Document is a PDF
  7. Exhibit A: Figured A-1 through A-7 Document is a PDF
  8. Exhibit B: Environmental Studies Document is a PDF
  9. Exhibit C: Areas of Biological Wealth Document is a PDF
  10. Exhibit C-1: Agency of Correspondence Document is a PDF
  11. Exhibit D: Biological Resources Document is a PDF
  12. Exhibit E: Scenic Areas, Historic Sites and Structures, Archaeological Sites Document is a PDF
  13. Exhibit E-1: Figures E-1 through E-6 Document is a PDF
  14. Exhibit E-2 Document is a PDF
  15. Exhibit E-3 Document is a PDF
  16. Exhibit F: Recreational Purposes and Aspects Document is a PDF
  17. Exhibit F: Figure F-1 Document is a PDF
  18. Exhibit G: Concepts of Typical Facilities Document is a PDF
  19. Exhibit H: Existing Plans Document is a PDF
  20. Exhibit H: Figured H-1 and H-2 Document is a PDF
  21. Exhibit I: Noise Emissions and Communication Interference Document is a PDF
  22. Exhibit J: Special Factors Document is a PDF
  23. Exhibit J-1: Public Process Materials Document is a PDF

Additional documents filed with the ACC relating to SRP's application: