Design & engineering

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Design & engineering

To maintain a reliable supply of electricity, SRP relies on a vast network of critical components like generating stations, transformers, transmission lines, substations and more, all working together to deliver power from the power plant to homes and businesses. The diagram below illustrates this process:

Transmission diagram

Route details

The Price Road Corridor 230 kV project consists of a new double circuit 230 kV power line from the Knox substation in Chandler to a 230 kV substation site, identified as RS-27, located in the northern section of the Price Road Corridor. Visit our maps page to see photos of the route details.

Line profiles

The 230 kV poles used for the overhead portion of the PRC project will be approximately 120–150 feet tall with a diameter of 4–5 feet. The chart below helps put this size in perspective compared to other types of transmission poles:

230kV line profile


See examples of lines and substations below.