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Need & benefit

In the mid-1990s, the Price Road Corridor was a largely undeveloped area composed primarily of farms, dairies and only a small number of businesses. SRP built several 69 kV power lines served by the Schrader substation to meet the power needs of this small agricultural region.

Price Road Corridor has undergone unprecedented economic development that has transformed the area into a nationally recognized employment region.

To maintain the reliability of the electric system for existing and future customers, SRP must be prepared to accommodate increasing demand.

Energy load forecasts

The original 69 kV lines currently providing power to both the Price Road Corridor and the surrounding area must be supported by higher-voltage 230 kV facilities.

Before the initial project announcement, the load forecast for the Price Road Corridor was more than 1,300 megawatts (MW). This estimate was based on factors such as unused land, current zoning at the time as well as expected demand from the types of businesses and industries anticipated to locate in the area. When the project was announced in January 2013, SRP changed the load forecast to 1,285 MW. During a later phase of the project, the forecast was lowered to 1,100 MW based on new estimates that factored in an amount of acreage being occupied by lower-energy-consuming businesses.

In December 2016, SRP obtained the results of a subsequent comprehensive study based upon remaining acreage in the area and revised planning included in the City of Chandler's August 2016 General Plan Document is a PDF. Specifically the area is now being developed with more emphasis on commercial businesses and less on industrial, including high-energy-consumption data centers. SRP now projects the load forecast for the Price Road Corridor at full build out to be 1,003 MW. The reduced scope of the project is based on the recent forecast.

SRP's 230 kV project is crucial to staying ahead of this growth and ensuring the future success of the region.


Electric system upgrades along the Price Road Corridor will benefit all residential, industrial and commercial customers in the area, both new and existing.

The Price Road Corridor is home to dozens of companies. Expanding SRP’s power delivery facilities will ensure that the Price Road Corridor remains a thriving employment center that attracts businesses and enhances the area’s reputation as a great place to work, live and play.

Businesses operating within the Price Road Corridor are expected to provide new high-paying jobs, promote a diverse economy and create a strong tax base that directly benefits the community. An adequate and reliable infrastructure will allow businesses to grow and add jobs in this important commercial corridor.